Ilôt Dauphin – Charleroi

Urban renewal project in town center of Charleroi is aiming to revitalize the area and promote social mixity. Social housing building, housing for middle income people and commercial areas.

  • renewal of four buildings with 3 or 4 floors above the ground;
  • development of an area inside the block participating to inhabitants social life;
  • development of 14 apartments;
  • availability of 4 commercial areas on the ground floor.

All these buildings are performing up the « low energy » standard.

Building 1 – apartments – K33

Building 2 – apartments – K36
Building 3 – apartments – K34
Building 4 – apartments – K30

Engineering office’s assignments:

Energy: Option is renovating buildings with sound supporting structure, and demolition and reconstruction of the others with a very high energy standard; full energy modeling of the buildings leading to an optimal performance.

HVAC: individual suction and condensing boilers, high efficiency double flow ventilation (D-system recovering more than 85% of the energy), air-tightness control.

Lifts: equipped with frequency invertors and motorization in the sheath.

Sanitary: rainwater recovery for the cleaning of community spaces and watering of vegetal facade inside of the block.

Electricity: lighting of common spaces with high performance including management of the lighting, photovoltaic panels used for the power supply in common spaces.



Municipal Administration of Charleroi


Momentary partenship, Autenne – Warin – Romain




3,500,000 €

End of works: 2013


1.317 m²

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