IFAPME Greenwall – Gembloux

Prizewinning building – « Bâtiment Exemplaire Wallonie 2013 »

Construction of a new training centre for sustainable construction to passive building standard.

This consists of administrative offices; training rooms, a 200-seat auditorium; a demonstration area and workshops dedicated respectively to the envelope, storage, micro-cogeneration, biomass, cladding and double flow ventilation, as well as two laboratory regulation workshops.


Design office mission

Energy study/design:

K level: K15
Ew – administrative: Ew35
Ew – hall: Ew26
Net heating requirement: 18Kwh/m2/year
Net cooling requirement: 25Kwh/m2/year
Renewable energy: 49Kw solar photovoltaic – 35% renewable energy


Consideration of the different criteria for sustainable construction such as limitation of the ecological impact of materials, evolution of the structure, the energy envelope, water management, servicing and maintenance, comfort, natural light, acoustic comfort, building functionality, aesthetic, the cohesion of all the tenderer’s proposals, between architectural intentions and the sustainable construction approach, the justification and breakdown of the budget required for the implementation of the project as set out by the tenderer.

Heating of the building with a technically and economically optimised geothermal heat pump installation, covering approximately 80% of needs.

Reserve and production of domestic hot water with a gas condensation boiler.

Control of overheating with a combination of fixed and mobile solar protections, internal lighting heat gains deducted combined with optimised ventilation and cooling provided by geocooling.

 A specific design study for the natural and artificial light quality.


Principal installations implemented

30 kW geothermal heat pump, 18 kW geocooling, 65 kW auxiliary gas condensation boiler, high performance (>80%) double flow ventilation unit, centralised building management and monitoring of the building, led lighting with lighting management by presence detection and lighting output management according to natural light, access control / anti-intrusion detection, fire detection, UTP cat. 6 data network, rainwater recovery.





R2D2 Architecture




5.000.000 €

End of works: 2016


5.205 m²

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