Colfontaine Police Hotel

Heavy renovation of an industrial building into  a Police hotel that can meet the needs of the local police’s various services.

After renovation, the building is designed to meet  the low-energy standard.


Bureau of studies’ appointments:


PEB studies:

As far as PEB is concerned, and considering the type of works to be achieved, this is considered as a substantial renovation of the building.

To provide an optimal  energy performance , a complete energy modeling of this building was made using PEB software.

The selected optimisation solutions lead to the following performance

  • Global K: K21
  • E- estimated  value: E 89

HVAC: the building is equipped with a set of cogeneration condensing boilers, using  double flow

ventilation groups and free cooling and night cooling techniques.


ELECTRICITY: Lighting is supplied by high energy lights. The building is equipped with all the  usually

associated feature to this type of project such as intrusion detectors, fire detection, sound spreading

access control, surveillance camera, and study of the lifts.


SANITARY: rainwater recovery to feed the toilet flush, building cleaning and gardens’ watering.


RENEWABLE ENERGY: Building heating and sanitry hot waters are produced by cogeneration


LIFTS: one lift deserving the three floors.



Boraine Police


Alland & Godimus




9,772,426.54 €

End of works: 2015


7.750 m²

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